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  • What is Doctor Manzanilla?
    Doctor Manzanilla is high quality line of medicinal products scientifically developed to improve and maintain the health of human beings. That simultaneously respect and fortify our family traditions and cultures.
  • Does Doctor Manzanilla contains chamomile?
    Yes, it contain 100% natural chamomile.
  • Is Doctor Manzanilla a family intended medicine?
    Yes, Doctor Manzanilla is indicated for anyone older than 6 years old.
  • Is chamomile the only ingredient of Doctor Manzanilla?
    No, Doctor Manzanilla is the perfect combination of more than one ingredient. This is the secret to the fantastic effectiveness of Doctor Manzanilla.
  • Why is Doctor Manzanilla so effective?
    The reasons are various. One of the most important reasons is that it was created and developed by doctors in medical practice that are in daily contact with patients like you. This allowed us the deep pharmacological understanding and, at the same time, understand that we use medicines we trust, especially if they were used by our families for various generations.
  • Is Doctor Manzanilla "just" another line of products?"
    The products of Doctor Manzanilla have been developed through various years of pharmacologic investigation and direct contact with patients. In medical practice it was understood what the patient needed and the formula was sent to our laboratory for its development. Our doctors came to the conclusion that Doctor Manzanilla’s products are highly effective and safe. When you try the products of Doctor Manzanilla you will realize that this it's not "just" another line of product in the market, but rather a high quality line of products
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